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Efficient, friendly, and affordable - the perfect trifecta from a waste removal team!

  • Amalia F.

We have several rental flats and when the contract comes to an end, we require efficient rubbish removal services. We found just what we were looking for in RubbishRemovalHampstead: an expert firm that is both moderately priced and effective. I strongly suggest giving them a chance!

  • Alicia Smith

In the past, I have used the services of Rubbish Collection Company for rubbish clearance purposes and found them to provide excellent service at an affordable rate.

  • Andy

I want to express my satisfaction regarding the rubbish clearance service provided by RubbishRemovalHampstead. It was a top job completed by a great team. A very professional service.

  • John A.

Waste Clearance Service does a great job for waste clearance. For that type of service, it doesn't get any better. They're so nice, even after I told them I was still shopping around. I came right back to them and booked.

  • Bradley J.

Lots of people have recommended Rubbish Removal Hampstead to me for all things rubbish clearance, and having just had the chance to hire them a few days ago, all I can say is that everyone was completely right. The best service I've had in a long time, and so much cheaper than I was expecting.

  • Philip Tutt

Junk Removal Hampstead offered me a lucrative deal on waste removal. Excellent company that deserves more customers and recognition for their great prices.

  • G. Mayes

Communication with Junk Collectors Hampstead was excellent and they delivered on their promises; excellent rubbish removal services at a great price.

  • K. Lawrie

I chose Junk Collectors Hampstead to clear up the waste left behind by my builders. There was a lot of rubbish, but that didn't put off the teams provided by the company. This is a really good builders waste removal service and one I would use again!

  • Joe M.

My office clearance was causing me a lot of panic. I never had the time to do it, but I desperately needed more space for my business. I found the solution with Junk Removal Hampstead. Their hardworking and talented staff got my office looking clear and spacious in next to no time, and their friendly attitude took away the stress I'd been feeling. Now my office looks perfect - thanks so much!

  • Paul T.

Junk Removal Hampstead have been a great help in recent months. I have been having lots of building and decorating work done around the house and I always call them once it is done. They take the junk that is left away, so my home is looking great in no time. This is a tough job, but they do it admirably.

  • Iris Salt

RubbishRemovalHampstead carried out a thorough office clearance when we were moving. We were having new furnishings and so therefore were disposing of all of the remaining desks, chairs, cabinets and old PC's that were old. This company was fast at emptying the old office and it was all going on to be recycled where possible. Good service!

  • Anthony Alan

This is the third time I've used Rubbish Collection Company and on each and every occasion I've been delighted with the quality of service. They've helped me remove and get rid of everything from large items of furniture, to boxes and piles of junk and I've always been thrilled with everything I've received.

  • Daphne

Superb in every way. I had two jobs to do which involved removing waste from two sites. One domestic property and one commercial property. This company was recommended to me by a business colleague. Seriously love the way Junk Collectors Hampstead charged so little for the excellent work they carried out. I was talking to one of the lads in charge and I was well impressed by the different waste removal services they have. I can understand why they are so popular.

  • Stephen Ashcroft

Junk Collectors Hampstead is a solid and reliable company that offer excellent clearance services. I chose to hire them after builders left my property covered in rubbish, and this was a great choice for me. The company were professional the whole way, and ensured my property was in tip-top condition. A very dependable company, thanks for the help!

  • Chelsea

It doesn't matter how massive or little your junk is. Junk Removal Hampstead are able to handle all kinds and sizes of rubbish with ease. I am one of their many clients who use their service frequently and every time I use their service I get complete satisfaction. Unlike other house clearance services, they offer extensive help and provide complete junk clearance. From garden to garages, everything is included and you are left with a fresh and completely clean place where you can breathe easily. If you are looking for a professional service for disposing your junk then this is easily the best option.

  • Arthur C.

I was moving office and had a lot of old electronic equipment to dump. I was passed on the details of Waste Clearance Service by a colleague and opted to give them a go. They were fantastic from arranging a meeting to discuss what I was dumping to the actual rubbish collection service. A wonderful and efficient service at a good price!

  • Ella Smith